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We engage in the formulation of national Climate Change and environmental governance policy and programs; engaging in policy processes on domestication of international environment agreements; contributing to governmental input to regional and global policy on CC and environmental matters; and facilitating CSO participation in regional & global policy dialogue.

We recognize the increased demand by African citizens on their governments and inter-governmental bodies to take action on climate change and environmental issues and to implement international sustainable development agreements.

We ensure that governments and inter-governmental bodies are efficiently implementing sovereign commitments to human rights in the context of environmental and climate justice. Government accountability will be achieved through: compliance scorecards; monitoring achievement of environmental and climate justice; and training CSOs on compliance monitoring.

Research and knowledge Through building dynamic research functionality for targeted research that supports PACJA’s advocacy agenda; enhanced monitoring of outcomes of PACJA’s interventions; and invigorated communication mechanisms and approaches to ensure the energies, expertise and outreach of its membership confirm the adage, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

A cohesive, member-responsive, and effective civil society platform capable of responding to a dynamic socio-political and ecological environment.



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