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The Angaza Project runs for 2 years from September 2017 to September 2019 and aims at strengthening civil society for improved engagement in climate change governance in Kenya. The Angaza project has a national focus but also targets policy influence at county level through CSO networks and collaboration with county governments. Additionally the project targets to engage private sector on green growth development and Climate policy implementation.  For the past one and half years, Private sector engagement has resulted into partnership with Kenya Industrial Estate (KIE) in creating awareness and building capacity of Small medium Enterprises (SMEs)   on Climate governance. As a result, SMEs in Kenya can take advantage of the emerging opportunities in green growth and policy implementation. Apart from Private sector engagement, the project also seeks to enhance the skills and capacity of journalist to report and simplify information on climate governance in Kenya.


This assignment is open to both qualified individuals and duly registered qualified organizations. Specific qualifications entail;

  1. Demonstrate deep knowledge about climate change and regional integration in Africa.
  2. Have expertise in Climate change, communication/advocacy and formulation, monitoring and evaluation of development programs.
  3. Demonstrate skills and experience in conducting evaluations using the outcome harvesting approach.
  4. Experience working at the regional level with CSO´s in Africa and or other developing countries will be an added advantage.
  5. Knowledge about the socio-political and cultural context in Africa.
  6. Fluency in English and must have experience and capacity to work in an international setup.


  The entire evaluation is expected to take place from 1st of July 2019 and finalized by 30th of August 2019. Timelines for the specific deliverables will be agreed on with the successful consultant before commencement of the assignment. 

For More information see attached document below

We are a consortium of more than 1000 organisations from 48 African countries that brings together a diverse membership drawn from Grassroots, Community-based organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Non-Governmental organizations, Trusts, Foundations, Indigenous Communities, Farmers and Pastoralist Groups with a shared vision to advance a people-centered, right-based, just and inclusive approach to address climate and environmental challenges facing humanity and the planet.

We at PACJA believe that building a critical mass of Africans drawn from communities at the frontline of climate change impacts – smallholder farmers, pastoralists, marginalized groups, women, youth, etc – and giving them a voice constitute a major path towards resilience-building and climate justice. It begins from our practice and processes we are involved in.


We practice what we preach. Our membership , employees  and stakeholders uphold the highest level of commitment to the values of a just society espoused by our vision, mission and objectives.  And increase our efficiency  we are inviting suppliers  of goods  and services  for the year 2019/2020


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