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PACJA acknowledged for work on policy and advocacy

The Voices for Change Partnership Project CSO partners have met to review work progress in their efforts to build climate resilience among pastoral and marginalised communities.

The meeting recently held in Naivasha also saw CSO partners in the project submit their advocacy plans for 2020.

Climate change, alongside forces of technology, urbanisation and communication have grown to be the defining dynamisms of the contemporary world. Even so, very little has been realised locally and internationally in the effort to build climate resilience, especially inmarginalised and pastoral communities. This has seen wide disparity in income and development amongst many countries, especially those, in Kenya, that are more prone to impacts of climate crisis.

To bridge the gap, the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), through the Voices for Change Partnership project (V4CP), also referred to as SautiZaMabadiliko in Kiswahili, convened a one week workshop for its project implementing Civil Society Organisation partners to brainstorm and shape activities for 2020.

Speaking at the V4CP partners’ learning event, Mary Njuguna Kimwadu, the Agriculture Sector Programme Leader at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, and now the Global Coordinator for the V4CP project, commendedthe CSOs under their respective thematic working areas for the positive progress and outcomes harvested from communities in Kenya. These sentiments were equally shared by Jeen Footstar, the Kenya Country Director for SNV.

One of the registered outcomes for the projectwas implementation of theIsiolo County Climate Finance Act, which, through the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA’s) work with Marsabit Indigenous Organisations Network, a Civil Society platform in Marsabit, ensured an increased allocation of funds for climate resiliencewithin the county. Similarly, PACJA’s collaborative effort and work on the delivery of the Marsabit County Climate Change Adaptation policy and the gender mainstreaming toolkit for climate change in Isiolo and Marsabit were acknowledged.

The workshop saw all CSOs under their respective thematic working areas submit their advocacy plans for 2020 for compilation by the Netherlands Development organisation.

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