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  • Statement During the Launch of The Cr4d

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    It is a great pleasure to address you on this day.
    And, before I go any further, thank you very much for the kind words – said here today and since my nomination for the Earth Care Award was announced. I am indeed overjoyed.
    What a profound and pleasant surprise [...]

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  • But Why Can't We See the Obvious in this Lamu Coal Power Project?

    It is a sad day for this country, and a very sad one for Wanjiku, who today stands alone against a battery of killer forces. Our hearts bleed for this country that is falling prey to the greedy East, which is itself moving towards cleaner and more renewable energy, yet funding a coal power project in Kenya’s Lamu, in disregard of the biodiversity around it and the fact that we will remain with a stranded asset

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