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Key African Civil Societies message for COP24

It is systems go. Parties are ready to attend the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Conference, dubbed COP 24 which will take place in Katowice, Poland from 3-14 December is a crucial platform for the implementation of the various provisions of the Paris Agreement (‘the rulebook’); including, transparency, accounting, compliance, periodic assessment of collective progress and use of market-based mechanisms.
Indeed, African Governments and other stakeholders endorse the “rulebook” which to them is balanced and upholds equity as well as justice. As such, the “rulebook” is a MUST- DELIVER in COP 24 to facilitate effective implementation aimed at achieving UNFCCC’s ultimate aim which is to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate.

Specific demands
African Civil Societies expect specific outcomes from COP 24, all which draw from the “rulebook” and a follow up from the African Civil Societies’ submission to the Talanoa Dialogue 2018. The CSOs have consequently come up with specific demands as listed below:
1.    Demand 1: Global warming must be limited way below 1.5 degrees Celsius this century.
2.    Demand 2:  Adaptation is crucial to protecting and promoting development gains, especially in Africa.
3.    Demand 3: Climate Financing should be long term and achieve a balance between mitigation and adaptation support.
4.    Demand 4: Capacity building should be enhanced under the Paris Agreement.
5.    Demand 5: Loss and damage-Among other things, parties should commit to full implementation of the Warsaw International Mechanism for loss and damage
6.    Demand 6: Technology deployment and transfer should be supported to enhance resilience and low carbon development.
7.    Demand 7: Gender agenda should be enhanced in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.
8.    Demand 8: Use of common timeframes and enhanced ambition within the NDC process
9.    Demand 9: Enhanced transparency framework.

A detailed rulebook and the African CSO position can be downloaded from our website. We will also be sharing updates on COP 24 as they come.

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The Technology, knowledge management and capacity building (TEKNOCA) working thematic group is one of the five Working Groups under Kenya CSO Platform on Climate Governance (KPCG). The group seeks to strengthen technological Capacities of   KPCG members for effective networking and coordination of climate and environment issues in Kenya.

 In order to achieve this mission the group is determined to implement its work plan and they   engaged in firsthand field trip when they finally visited the Sustainable Community Development Services (SCODE) workshop in Nakuru.

 Arriving at exactly 10:00 am in the morning of Friday 19th October 2018, the group was received by Mr. John Maina the C.E.O of the organization who doubled up as our tour guide.

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Experts say climate change is fueling conflicts, forced migration in Africa

Africa has become an epicenter of violent conflicts and forced migration thanks to frequent eruption of natural calamities linked to climate change, experts said on Friday at a pan-African climate forum underway in Nairobi. Read More

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