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A Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance meeting with partners and its networks has deliberated on the relationship between National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and women on Green Climate Finance (GCF) access across the continent.

Yesterday, during a webinar discussion between interest groups and representatives from around Africa, it emerged that Kenya is the only country in Africa that has fully integrated gender in readiness for its climate change program by allocating resources for hiring of a gender expert. Kenya has also included gender in its project objectives and activities.

There are, however, several strategies that women advocates can apply in readiness for gender responsiveness to Green Climate Finance.

Those outlined in the meeting included involvement, from the onset, of gender-based organizations in concept development, proposal writing and beyond.

Women’s groups were found capable of making their interests in GCF known to NDAs, NIEs and IEs.  The same women can identify opportunities for gender mainstreaming and offer gender expertise to inform the readiness process.

Competency was found to be necessary as criteria for selecting proposals. The gender expertise and competence should also be included in the NDA technical committees.

There was also a proposal for the setting up and inclusion of women in the technical committee to the NDA as well as encouraging articulation of gender action plan and budget for the readiness proposal.

Several challenges have, however, been identified so far. They include limited access to information, restricted participation in the GCF activities, lack of capacity and collaborations among the Civil society organizations.

This calls for supporting CSO engagement in the critical early stages of GCF implementation.

But how do we do this?

To mitigate the above stated challenges, national level engagements through national stakeholder workshops were found to be necessary.

Regional level engagements through online webinars, participation in GCF board meetings, GCF discussions and debates, interactions with key players and other CSOs were also recommended.

International engagements and capacity support in the GCF discussions and policy decisions was also found to be a possible way up to helping women access GCF.

Action points for further Engagements

  • Information sharing and communications
  • Meaningful participation and inclusion
  • Capacity building
  • Interactions with other key GCF players
  • Policy coherence
  • Partnerships and collaborations
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