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ROSCEVAC is the organization that is implementing the subproject in Gabon aiming at strengthening the capacities of Gabon's community stakeholders to participate actively in the implementation of the REDD + process in Gabon.

FCPF capacity building project for CSOs on REDD+ supported by World Bank through PACJA has created a great impact in Gabon. The government of Gabon is pleased with the role which PACJA Gabon is playing in raising community awareness on REDD+ throughout the country. PACJA has demonstrated incredible capacity to mobilise CSOs and communities in general and to rally them behind implementation of REDD+ in Gabon. The government of Gabon has adopted a unique approach to implementation of REDD+ in the country where this concept is embedded in the national development planning. Land use planning is being viewed as the main strategy in REDD+ implementation in Gabon. In recognition of the incredible work that PACJA Gabon is carrying out, the government has mandated PACJA Gabon to control and manage USD 270,000 intended for community sensitization on Land use planning and REDD+.

Some of the training sessions for CSOs conducted by ROSCEVAC

ROSCEVAC is also aiming at lobbying authorities and development partners for the establishment of an inclusive and multi sectoral national REDD + platform. In this regard, ROSCEVAC has demonstrated its immense convening power by mobilizing over 27 members of Gabon National assembly in May 2019 for a roundtable discussion on future of REDD+ in Gabon.

ROSCEVAC has held successful training workshops which brought together actors from the Gabonese platforms involved in the fight against climate change, women and youth organizations as well as indigenous people. The trainings were aimed at building the capacity of members of the Gabonese CSO platforms engaged in REDD + to fight against climate change. These workshops gave rise to a National Youth Movement to take action on Climate change.

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