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Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association.

The major aim of this project is to build the capacity of the Civil Society and local communities on REDD+, based on the Ethiopia context. In order to achieve this overall goal, the project seek to contribute to local communities’ livelihood improvement and forest management through local community capacity development on NTFPs and strengthen CSOs and organized PFM groups in the Illu Ababora Zone, Oromia Regional State. This is being achieved through training CBO institutions and awareness creation in the five PFM implementation Woredas (Nono-Selle, Didu, Ale, Halu and Becho), Illu Ababora Zone, Oromia Regional State. The project is already improving understanding and knowledge of local communities, CSOs and concerned stakeholders on OFLP safeguards instruments and their rights and obligations through training. The communities will also be supported to establish their Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) and full knowledge on how to operationalize their GRM. The project actions & measures targets community groups such as marginalized, women, youth, the poor.

  • A comprehensive bee keeping study has been commissioned and the report is supporting development of honey value chains in Ethiopia.
  • Beekeepers in Nono-Selle, Didu, Ale, Halu and Becho have received training which is useful in improvement of production and quality of honey they produce.This is projected to support livelihood for the farmers.

Focused group discussions with the bee keepers in Ethiopia


BeeKeeping study report