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PACJA takes part in Pre-COP25 Agriculture and Gender Negotiators and Experts Strategy Meeting

The African Group of Negotiators (AGN) Agriculture and Gender Negotiators and Experts (AGNES) team in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Kenya, organized a pre-COP 25 strategy meeting on the 17th and 18th October.

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance was part of the meeting attended by expert negotiators for Agriculture from Africa focused on the Gender and manure use and management in the Agriculture sector in Africa.

The objectives of the workshop were to facilitate continuous capacity building of AGN agriculture and gender negotiators on negotiations skills and share information on the long term capacity development program.

It was also meant to review the technical paper on improved nutrient use and manure management towards sustainable and resilient agricultural systems and identify key messages to inform common African position.

In addition, the meeting aimed to prepare AGN submission on Koronovia Joint Work on Agriculture, review progress made in the implementation of the Gender Action Plan with a view of identifying aspects that need to be strengthened and its mainstreaming into national adaptation planning.

It was also convened to facilitate sharing of information on the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land and Measuring Adaptation Progress in the agriculture sector.

The two-day meeting is expected to contribute towards the Common African position and key messages for the Koronovia Joint Work on Agriculture and the methods and approaches for assessing adaptation, adaptation co-benefits and resilience.