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    The PACJA family did it again, using their kindness to tackle the effects of the killer Covid-19, this time in Gabon. The Gabonese platform of PACJA, Network of civil society organisations for the green economy in Central Africa, continued its campaign to support and raise awareness among the rural populations hardest hit as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses. While leading a food and other aid distribution team valued at $15,000 to those most affected in Ngounié Province, Gabon, on Saturday, Roscevac executive president Nicaise Moulombi said anyone could do anything, however small, to help the needy. He said that his heart was bleeding for the suffering, in particular that of Mouila on Lot 3 of the multinational OLAM. The team, accompanied by the coordination team of Roscevac Mouila, led by Marie Paule Badjina, who is also the second vice-president of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Gabon, also offered food kits and protective equipment individual at the hospitals of Ndende and Mouila. More aid was distributed to local Catholic and Protestant churches, targeting the heads of its various establishments. The aid was delivered under the watchful eye of Benjamin Banguebe, the governor of the province of Ngounié, who once again hailed Roscevac's stated commitment to genuinely support the populations of his province since the spread of his tentacles in Mouila. Mr Banguebe assured the president of Roscevac that the rest of the food kits made available to his institution would reach the target populations throughout the province. Ncaise called on the Gabonese to do their part in the fight against the new coronavirus, according to government instructions, saying the country will eventually overcome.

So far, 1,934 Covid-19 cases have been reported in Gabon, of which 12 victims have perished. There have also been 459 recoveries. The country has so far tested more than 6,000.

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