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Dear Applicants, Colleagues and Friends,

Pleasant regards from Nairobi!

As you may be aware, the partner organisations, just like other citizens of the world, are severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most disproportionately affected however, are the people living in poverty and deprivation, not to mention that these groups are also the most vulnerable to the global climate crisis.

As this global public health emergency continues to evolve, the Global Committee of the Nairobi Summer School on Climate Justice held a meeting on 17 March 2020, and deeply reflected on the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation remains dire and unpredictable, the Committee is keen on safeguarding the health and safety of participants and facilitators.

Committee appreciates the interest that this Initiative has generated across the stakeholder groups. However, in the face of COVID-19, the Committee has resolved to postpone the Summer School to June/July 2021. We profoundly apologize for the inconveniences that this postponement may cause and we request for understanding from our applicants and partners.

On the other hand, however, all preparatory processes, including fundraising, outreach and communication among sub-committees, will continue. In addition, consultations among partners and the Committee are ongoing on how to organise countdown activities, including pre-workshops and forums. The Committee will continue to conduct periodic online conversations (teleconferences, webinars, etc) and we encourage our participants and partners to actively engage in these processes as we advance the notion of climate justice towards COP26 and the Summer School. We will convey to our stakeholders the outline of activities that will be conducted in due course.

This is a new phenomenon for all of us. It thus requires us to embrace creative and innovative approaches to our work, patience, solidarity, understanding and a higher degree of self-organisation. To this end, we encourage our valued stakeholders to limit in-person interactions and consider new communication models including virtual meetings to exchange views, while hoping for the best as we collectively confront the COVID-19 crisis.

Most importantly, all of us should safeguard our health and safety, and that of fellow citizens. Let us follow the instructions of our governments, health officials and other agencies as they race against time to contain the virus, just as we are doing with the climate crisis.

On behalf of the Global Committee
Mithika J. Mwenda

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