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Which way forward for PACJA and its partners on this energy transition campaign?

Take-home points

After a whole day’s work at the AMCEN pre-event on Energy, held in Durban, South Africa, these were the questions and ideas that came up.

They are:

How do we influence people who influence investment in renewable energy, because the power does not lie with us?

How do we influence behaviour and policy on matters energy? It is what we do.

If we have to influence, are the people we are targeting in a position to act? And what are their interests, attitude, feeling or beliefs towards our course?

This is key in knowing who to target with our renewable energy campaign.

It is easier to approach other organisations that already champion renewable energy than, say, a country that invests in coal powered projects.

It is also good to know that any organisation we target to influence has a pool or circle of influencers around them. They include board members, for institutions like banks, for instance.

If they are lending institutions, they may decide based on what their peer institutions do.

Some institutions also get instructions from their funders. It becomes difficult to convince such if their funders are not for the ideas we champion.

We can use advocacy, and increase resources towards the fight for renewable energy and access.

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