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Vision & Mission

Our Vision
A global environment free from the threat of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all.

Our Mission
To develop and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions relevant for Africa in the International climate change dialogue and related processes.

Core Values

We believe in the wise of natural resources so they continue to function effectively in serving the present and future generations

All people are equitably entitled to the values and benefits of our natural resources. Use of natural resources should be done in a manner that optimizs the values and benefits of the current and future generations

we have all come together because we are concerned about the state of our planet and natural resources, and we would like to secure the values of natural resources to nature and people

Most of our owrk involves protecting natural resources against miuse by powerful people and corporations. This can be dangerous and physically and emotionally draining. We however have the courage and determination to succeed

We discharge our duties diligently and in line with nationally nad internationally recognized ethical and professional standards

How we work
PACJA uses an approach that integrates research, advocacy, partnerships development, capacity building and awareness creation to successfully deliver its strategic mandate,


Advocacy comprises the core business of PACJA. The Alliance undertakes evidence-based advocacy aimed at improving the policy and laws on natural resources management. The research work that PACJA supports, the partnerships it develops and the capacities it strengthens are all supportive of the advocacy function.


Local communities that are key custodians of natural resources remain vulnerable to climate change, have low adaptive capacity and lack sufficient capacity in the sustainable management of natural resources. PACJA mobilizes and coordinates capacity building efforts targeting the community and other key stakeholders.


PACJA recognizes the knowledge and information gap in society about climate change, larger environmental and natural resources values and threats. PACJA uses a comprehensive knowledge management approach in creating awareness on effective climate/environmental threat coping mechanism and wise use of natural resources.


PACJA supports and facilitates research to generate new information and knowledge that is both used internally to support climate resilience-building, natural resources management, making the same available to other stakeholders for use in a variety of ways.


PACJA recognizes the importance of developing and sustaining strategic partnerships. The Alliance continues to identify and strengthen partnerships with a variety of stakeholders ranging from small community support groups, religious organizations, civil society organizations, private businesses, government institutions and international networks.


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