Could Participatory Scenario Planning be an answer to increased Climate information?

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance(PACJA) in partnership with Caritas Kitui is holding a consultative workshop with stakeholders from Kitui County on participatory scenario planning (PSP). The objective of the workshop is to integrate various sources of climate/weather information for the upcoming March to May (MAM) long rainy season. This workshop brings together various stakeholders in the county among them; the County meteorological department, Ministry of agriculture, Traditional weather forecasters, the agriculture sector development support programs, the National Drought Management Authority, community members, agro-pastoralist, amongst others. At the end of the workshop, advisories will be developed based on agro-ecological zones and communicated to farmers so that they can make informed decisions around the risk and uncertainty associated with the MAM rainy season.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Patrick Ndovoi, Planning and Budget Officer from the Ministry of Agriculture, Kitui County, stated that it is very important for climate information to be shared at the local level, as it provides crucial information that the communities needs to guide them in  their planning and decision making. Impacts from the last harvest season are already being felt as rains were not received as expected.   

Mr. Eric Kaindi, Planning, Policy and Monitoring Officer from the livestock department in the county reiterated that the community is facing food insecurity due to failed rains in the last planting season, and are now turning to the livestock for survival. This has caused a strain to the already deteriorated environmental resources as they put more pressure to the land because of overgrazing. The livestock are also fetching low prices in the market due to poor health hence not solving the crisis.

“The current climate in the county requires more techniques of production to avoid food insecurity, such as producing livestock feeds for sale.’’ He concluded.

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